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162_Two_Frameworks_Fitted_3.jpg (43587 bytes)

Here's the same thing, viewed from inside the van.

Incidentally, as windows in a motorhome bathroom are rather pointless, I will instead fit rooflights for light and ventilation. I will also fit an extractor fan which I will be able to duct out through one of the two existing vents in the back corners of the van.

Note also that the toilet waste tank will be removed through a door in the rear partition wall, rather than through the side of the van. Hence, I will not need to cut too many holes and spoil the "big white van" appearance.

This may sound bizarre, but my experience with the Merc has taught me that I don't need any windows - so I'm not putting any in. Again, I will fit rooflights. Besides, there is already a window looking forwards into the cab and I have a huge sliding door which I can open when I really need to have a good look out!