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As of 26/07/03, the BigMerc is SOLD!

I am still intent on doing the overland trip to India at some point in my life, but I have decided that it would be better to do it in something a bit smaller.

I'm now planning a very simple conversion of an Iveco 35-10 lwb panel van - ex-parcelforce, if I can get one.

Other than the size aspect, I have now realised, by living full time in the BigMerc, that half of the facilities are not necessary for my needs. For example: The next conversion will not have a cooker (not a fixed one at any rate). Why? because I would never use it, as proven by my lifestyle over the past few months.

Anyway, it looks like the next bunch of photos will be Iveco related! - I'll put them on here over the next few months.